-- the photography of David Lindes

Services offered:

A brief overview of services offered by Seattle-based photographer David Lindes (please contact me to schedule services, or with any questions you may have):

"Sessions" -- Portraits, fashion, promotional shots, etc.: Swish There's Evil Around...
Eye and Lashes The Gaffer
Whether you're:
  • a model looking for portfolio shots,
  • an actor looking for a headshot,
  • a High School Senior looking for portraits for your last year at school,
  • a singer or musical group looking for an album cover or other promotional photos,
  • or really anyone wanting portraits done for whatever reason,
In any of those cases, I'd be happy to hear from you to discuss whether my services could be a fit. Studio lighting, natural light, or a mixture of the two can be accomodated. Highly creative shots are a favorite, so if you have ideas of what you want in that realm, I'd love to hear them.

Please see examples of my photo-sessions for a sampling of my work.
Art Photography: Robot Necklace Miniature Book Reticello
Are you an artist who needs images of their art for your website? Slides for a juried show? If you have a need for images of your art, I can help. I have the ability to photograph both 2D and 3D art, including jewelry and glass items. Digital images and/or slides are available. Please see samples of my art photography.
Music & Performance Photography: Amanda Sparks at the Finale
If you're performing live music of some sort, or other live performance, I'd be happy to come shoot your show. CD or online image delivery, or prints are available. Please see samples of my Music & Performance Photography.
1-on-1 photographic instruction:
I enjoy teaching -- sharing what I know. If you're interested in private photography lessons, I'd be glad to help you learn whatever it is that you're wanting to learn. Perhaps you're trying to understand some basic concepts; perhaps you're trying to understand the controls for your latest equipment; perhaps you're wanting to extend your abilities into off-camera lighting. Whatever your needs, I'd be glad to help out, and tailor my teaching to your specific needs -- one client called me her "personal interactive photography guide", and I'd be glad to be that for you, as well.
Candid Event Photography: Happy Winner
If you'd like a photographer to take candids at an event of yours, I'd be glad to help out. Auctions, fundraisers, parties, whatever! Prints will also be made available for purchase online.

Note: I will currently only shoot candids at weddings in cooperation with another photographer who's the main photographer for the wedding. If you're a wedding photographer in need of an extra shooter, or have a main wedding photographer and would like an extra shooter, please do enquire.


Please enquire about my rates. Please include information about what you're looking for, what your schedule is, turn-around requirements, etc., so that I can give you an appropriate quote.


I take great pride in the quality of my work, and thus offer the following waranty: If you're not satisfied with the results of your shoot, please let me know. When possible, I'll offer to re-shoot for free. If that's not possible, or you simply don't feel that I've lived up to your expectations, then I'll refund your money (upon the return of any prints or CDs, if applicable), with just one question asked (so that I can learn from my mistakes): What could I have done differently that would have made you satisfied?