-- the photography of David Lindes

There are several series of prints that are or have been available from David Lindes. Here's a list:

Initialed Series

The "initialed" series of prints by photographer David Lindes are a limited (but not numbered; more below) edition set of prints which can be identified by the following features:

Regarding "limited" edition in this series:

It is common in the art world to have a numbered limited-edition series, where a buyer will know that a particular item is one of a fixed number of items within the series. When I sell completely hand-made works of art, the likelyhood is high that I will adopt this methodology as well. The actual photographic prints in my "initialed" series, however, are commercially printed, and could be reproduced ad infinitum without difficulty. However, they are placed into mats by hand, and labeled by hand, and there is a significant degree of care that goes into verifying that the prints made are as expected, that the mats are up to the high standards of the artist, and that the further preparation of the matting is done with care. The ability of the artist to do this is most certainly not unlimited, and thus, while there is no specific number of prints pre-decided, it is safe to assume that the number of prints of a particular image within this series will not be very much finite. I thus feel comfortable calling it a limited edition, without the numbering. If you'd like a numbered edition, you're welcome to contact me about it -- I do expect to do numbered editions of some works. In the mean time, please know that great care has gone into the preparation of any print in this series, and that there will not be an unlimited number of them to be found.

"Dot" series

The "dot" series of photographic prints by David Lindes are similar to the Initialed series, with a few specific exceptions:

These prints and/or the mats they're in are also considered by the photographer to be somehow "flawed" (though often the flaws are very minimal). As such, they were not deemed worthy of the signature-equivalent initials, and are deemed by the artist to be of slightly lesser value.

Other Possibilities

Any other prints either pre-date the creation of these series, are authorized reproductions from imagekind, or are unauthorized reproductions. Hopefully the latter category is an empty set, but if you don't know me personally, and you have something that doesn't fall into one of the above categories, please consider that it may not be a legitimate print of a David Lindes photograph. Feel free to contact me if you'd like my assistance in verifying authenticity, and/or getting hold of a legitimate print.

Merchandize with my images upon it may also be authorized, e.g. when purchased from my CafePress store.