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David Lindes's Equipment Information Pages

Introduction and Purpose

I've decided to write up some "Equipment Information Pages", basically a guide to various pieces of photographic equipment. My main purpose is simply to share knowledge, for that's something I find myself doing a lot, and I figure by putting this information on-line, I can help a lot more people than just the few who happen to cross my path and ask me a question.


These guides will evolve over time. As I sit here writing this paragraph, I'm just barely beginning my first guide. My hope is to spend some time on that guide for a while, and attempt to make it fairly comprehensive. When I'm done with that, I hope to write other guides as well.

Available Documents

For now, I just have one document available, and it's just getting started: The Canon EOS 30D DSLR Camera Guide. I hope to add more as time goes on.

Disclaimers and notices

Please observe the following disclaimers and notices as you're reading these guides:

No Warranty
This information is provided AS IS, without any warranty of any kind or for any purpose, including any implied warranties of suitability for a given purpose. While I do strive to make information as correct as possible, and welcome your corrections for when I've made an error or omission, I'm human, and bound to make some mistakes.
These are not reviews
While I reserve the right to editorialize in certain cases, the point of these pages is to be informational about how to use a particular piece of equipment. In general, I won't be comparing one item to another, except where I believe it may be relevant to people switching equipment, especially along an upgrade path for similar equipment (e.g. upgrading from a Canon EOS 20D to a 30D, or a 30D to a 40D, etc.)
How I get my information
All information contained on this site is gathered from one of the following sources: (a) my own personal interactions with the equipment at hand; (b) my interpretation of content in the product manual(s) for the equipment; and/or (c) other related research done by me in relation to the equipment. In all cases, I actually own the equipment in question, and this information is based on my actual experiences with it. When corrections or additions are sent to me, I will check them out for myself, and if I agree with the claims made, I will update the documents. Ultimately, though, all words will be my own, unless very clearly marked to the contrary.
How I get my images
In cases where I show images either of equipment screens, buttons, etc., or example images to demonstrate results from a particular feature or setting, the images are photographs, taken by me, of or with my own instance of the equipment being described (or, in some cases, a comparable piece of equipment).
How I get the equipment
So far, all equipment being documented is equipment that I have purchased for my own use, so I happen to have it. I would gladly accept donations of other equipment. If given equipment (whether by a manufacturer, or any other party), I will endeavor to make time to document that equipment. That's all you get in exchange, though, and that's not a guarantee -- if you donate, please consider it a donation, not a purchase of documentation or any such thing.
About monetization
I have decided to add a bit of "monetization" to this site, in two ways: (a) I'm placing advertisement space on each page, that people may click on related ads if they choose; and (b) I will place specific advertisements and referral links on pages for items mentioned in the text, that you may purchase those items using a referral program (e.g. the one from Amazon, just because I know how to use it). In either case, feel free to not click on an add or link if an ad isn't of interest to you. There are many choices on where to purchase equipment, and I'd rather have you buy from a source that's appropriate for your situation than buy from the source I link to, just because I happen to be linking to it. On the other hand, if you purchase from somewhere else, or don't purchase at all, and you'd like to help out anyway, feel free to donate equipment and/or money to the cause. Also, if you represent an equipment retailer and you'd like to have me add your referral program to those that I use, please contact me to discuss it.
The copyrights for all text, images, and mark-up on this site are held by me, David Lindes. All rights are reserved. Permission to reproduce the content for your own personal use (e.g. printing a section of the manual, or storing a copy for off-line viewing) is hereby granted to individuals, so long as they don't further distribute the work. No other rights (beyond, of course, display of the content from my web server) are granted herein. If you'd like to distribute or publish any of this contact, you may contact me to discuss the possibility of licensing arrangements. Reasonable requests (e.g. well compensated commercial use, or educational use) will certainly be considered.
Questions and other feedback
If you ever have any feedback for me, please contact me and let me know how I can help. For now, I will try to get back to everyone who contacts me. (This policy subject to change, if the site gets overly popular.)